Nunu Adventure

Play super simple side scrolling endless runner with a simple leaderboard. It’s all about having a bit of fun while we wait for the main alpha game. 

We would just like to clarify that this is a Pre-Alpha Demo. This micro-game is a very early presentation of what we have in mind for our vision of Nunu Spirits. None of the content you see in the micro-game or the performance of the micro-game, is final and everything is subject to change as we continue to develop the game ecosystem. We welcome your feedback, but please remember to be constructive and kind.


Endless Nunu runner goes on Adventure. Playing as Nunu, you will need to jump over crystals or slide under them while intensity and difficulty is rising. Run carefully, explore the colors of Nuniverse and go as far as possible without a harm. Community contest and rewards are coming too!

Let's play

Download the very first off-chain micro-game we have developed just for fun. But remember it also gives you a chance to start earning rewards even before the actual
Nunu Spirits release!