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Celebrate the 52nd Earth Day with Nunu Spirits

Invest in our planet is this year’s Earth Day main theme. Even though a big change is needed, it’s still essential for all of us to do small things daily to keep progress growing. Continue reading for a bunch of small steps you can take to help our planet every day.

Let’s encourage governments, corporations, and private citizens to make decisions towards more sustainable practices, buying from responsible companies, and taking an active role in the Earth’s wellbeing.

How Nunu aims to help our planet

We are building the first game that lets you plant trees in the real world. Our first trees are already being planted to cover our first batch of NFTs and ensure our game runs carbon neutral. 

Furthermore, thanks to our partners, AirSeed and Greensteps, you can plant trees in the real world by playing our game, which we are super happy about. On top of that, we also have some exciting news about a new partners which will be announced soon!

What green actions will you take to celebrate Earth Day, every day

Buy items that have been made out of recyclable materials â™»ï¸

Use glass bottles 🍾

Try LED lights 💡

Turn off the lights when you leave a room 🌚

Plant a greenery 🌳

Use earth-friendly cleaning products 💦

Consider supporting environmental nonprofit organizations 🌱

Play Nunu Spirits 😉

These and other small steps can help our Mother Earth. Feel free to share with us any cool ideas in the spirit of the 3Rs – reducing, reusing, and recycling! Do you know any great companies and projects that support environmental actions? Let us know via our official social media channels:

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