Eco tips from the greenest NFT game

Just recently, we celebrated the International day of trees by reaching the target of 4000 planted trees! But as we love to be as green as possible, here are a few tricks we learned from the inhabitants of the Nuniverse on how to help our planet Earth.

Buy forest-friendly products

Our forests are home to many creatures just as the Nuniverse is home to Nunus. The Nuniverse is a reflection of our planet, so whatever we do here, helps Nunus to enrich their world and vice versa. Nunus are friendly beings and eager to share some proven ways to protect our forests. 

How can you fight deforestation when shopping? Use your purchasing power! As you may already know, agriculture is responsible for 80 percent of deforestation around the world, with mining and logging contributing as well. Always look for certifications from organizations such as the Rainforest Alliance, Forest Stewardship Council or the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil when you go to the store.

Demand better labeling of products

Are the products in your shopping cart certified and sustainable? Well, sometimes it’s really hard to say. But if there is a way you can inform your local store or favorite brand that their products lack visibility or if they send customer experience surveys to your email, find a few minutes and let them know what you think! For example, Rain Forest Alliance Certified products support sustainable forest management and allow forest-reliant communities to thrive.

Support conservation & reforestation organizations

Sometimes you can’t directly protect the trees. Luckily, there are plenty of organizations out there that help support the world’s forests. Just to name a few, Plant a Tree Today supports forests and green living, World Wide Fund for Nature promotes global nature and wildlife conservation and One Tree Planted plants trees in various countries around the world. Nunu Spirits has partnered with several reforestation organizations too and we are glad that our efforts are showing first results!

Play games

Funny? It is, but not a joke at all! Nunu Spirits is the first NFT game that allows you to help with reforestation activities just by playing it. Interacting with the game and evolving your NFT characters results in planting trees as each Nunu that becomes an Elder means one newly planted tree in the real world. And how will you know we are not kidding? Your NFT will have a geo location added to its records!

Let us know why you are so keen to go green and stay tuned for more details about the growing Nunu forest!

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