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Expedition: Nuniverse

Come, let us show you an enchanted magical place. Once a place full of life and nature, now fighting merely to survive. The Nuniverse – A reflection of our own world, the inhabitants of which are also suffering from the loss and destruction of their natural environment. There must be a way to save it!

Rumor has it there are mysterious creatures, small but powerful, hiding in the forests of the Nuniverse. They are on a mission to save their home. If we can reach them, we should be able to help them and in helping them we gain the power to save our own forests.

Join us in our mission: Save the Nunu and save the forests. 

Meet the Nuniverse inhabitants

Nunu Spirits have varying abilities and magical talents and hold the future of the Nuniverse in their hands, but they need your help. Together you must venture forth with your bravest Nunus to fulfill dangerous quests to fight back the toxic blight and regrow the forests of the Nuniverse. 

You would be wise to seek the counsel of the most evolved spirits in the Nuniverse. Lucky for you, they have all gathered at one of the last safe places for Nunu-kind, the Nunu Sanctuary. Here you will meet a unique gathering of characters which are the Guardians of the Sanctuary: a Wizard, a Merchant, a Researcher, an Adventurer, and a Shaman. Each guardian has special abilities or knowledge that will help unlock endless possibilities for your Nunus. 

The Guardians of the Sanctuary

A nutty scientist, with ideas beyond the imagination of others, is a perfect description of the Researcher. However, it seems that their inventions fail to work from time to time until something magical happens…is the Wizard behind it all? It may be suspect but one thing we know for sure, don’t tell the Researcher, you might hurt their feelings!

The Wizard is an eerie character no doubt. In fact, no one in the Sanctuary seems to know where they came from? Nonetheless, the Wizard plays an important role in the life of every Nunu Spirit. Nunus are magical but clumsy creatures. The good old Wizard appeared out of nowhere to teach every new spirit something important to help them fight back against the blight. Many living in the Sanctuary often worry if the Wizard will one day disappear as suddenly as they arrived?

Besides their many obstacles and clumsiness, Nunu Spirits face one ultimate trial. The purpose of their life is to gain experience, evolve, and restore the forests. They don’t just plant a tree, they become one! That’s when the Shaman comes in handy. The Shaman is a playful character, who tends to forget their tasks. Responsible for a number of rituals that help Nunus evolve, they are the only one who can help Nunus fulfill their life’s purpose.

Magic helps, but even powerful enchantments are not always enough to overcome every obstacle. Nunus love to discover new items, tools, and artifacts – The Adventurer more so than all the rest. If you find something curious the Adventurer will help you unlock its power. Sometimes they will share their discoveries and treasures with other intrepid adventurers. Unless they are too busy exploring the Nuniverse.

Finding treasure is hard work but if you want to skip all that, there is a way. The Merchant has many powerful items in stock, but quick access comes at a price. Since finding refuge in the sanctuary the Merchant does everything they can to offer fair prices, as long as it doesn’t affect his bottom line.

There you have it. The task before us is daunting. Forests all over our world and throughout the Nuniverse need our help. But, if we all work together we can accomplish so much, even the seemingly impossible. 

Can’t wait to explore all the hidden secrets of the Nuniverse? Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter and chat with our team on Discord & Telegram to stay up-to-date with all the news!

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