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New NNT Staking is here!

You’ve been asking for single staking, but we’ve got something better! It offers APR rates competitive with standard single staking programs AND gets you bonus loot! Like random treasures for use in our F2P game, and more!

How to participate in the Hodl Farm:

Step 1: Register at portal.nunuspirits.io
Step 2: Hold enough NNT in the wallet used to register
Step 3: Collect rewards every 2 weeks

Hodl Farm 1 begins counting on Oct 31 with the first rewards collectable on Nov 14. This farm will last 3 months with rewards every 2 weeks. The more NNT you hold the higher your tier and the greater your rewards.

Why this is better than SS

  • No Lock-up period
  • No loss of progress for changing tiers
  • Same great APR
  • Bonus Loot for use in game

Since we don’t require a lock-up period, Hodl farmers are free to move up or down the tiers or access NNT whenever they want. Also, changing your tier doesn’t result in loss of progress. Your old progress (measured in days) is paused while you progress in your new tier.

As always, let us know what you think on our social channels. FYI, there is a new Roles & Rewards system in the works over on our Discord. We hope to see you there!

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