NNT (NunuToken) and How We Will Use It

The Nunu IDOs are well underway! We thought it would be an excellent time to share with everyone a bit more about our token distributions and how these allocations will be used.

So without further ado, let’s break down just how NNT will be used for each category.

NNT token distribution

Team and Partner/Advisory

Are used to incentivize, motivate, and thank our team members as well as our biggest supporters and advocates. This category comes with the biggest cliffs and the longest term to 100% distribution.


Unlocked Liquidity tokens will be managed by our professional Market Maker. The primary purpose of this is to encourage stable and sustainable growth for NNT. 30% are released at TGE with 5% monthly following.


Will provide steady (time locked) incentives for our community and help boost our ecological initiatives. Our ecosystem is crucial to the sustainability of our project, it therefore holds the largest allocation. This will help us reach new players, participate in ecological programs, reward stakers for special Eco-pools, and much much more. These tokens are unlocked slowly, 5% monthly starting 1 month after TGE.


Will be used only should the need arise. Examples of such cases: We find a great marketing or eco partner, we need to expand development, or we decide to capitalize on a cross market opportunity for our IP.

Pre-sale (Seed/Private/Public)

Development and marketing funds as well as the Eco-Treasury are generated from the project’s presale. The price and vesting conditions for all rounds are the same:

  • $0.06 = 1 NNT
  •  20% of tokens are released at TGE
    • 3 month cliff following TGE
    • 4.44% are released monthly for 18 months after the cliff

NNT in circulation can be vested for NUNU (NFT) drops as well as held to participate in governance of the Nunu Spirits ecosystem, both game matters and real world (ecological) matters. Additional staking and governance options will be announced as the project grows.


So this wraps up our segment on NNT and how it will be used for the good of our project and our planet. We hope this sheds some insight into how the project works on the inside. As always, feel free to reach out to our growing community on Twitter, Telegram and Discord!

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