Nunu Spirits IDO Lineup

The time has come! The IDO of Nunu Spirits, the Greenest NFT Game, is here! Continue reading for all of the important information and links for registration on the launchpads.

The last couple of months have been full of intense discussions with our partners, constant marketing outreach, community engagement, AMAs, and much more. All of which has led to this day – the launch of our IDO. It’s a huge milestone on our way towards creating a stable ground for the project, ensuring the costs for our development are covered and the game is fully released in Q4 2022 as stated in our roadmap.

NUNU Spirits IDO details

For registration info and whitelisting, please follow the links below:

🎮 Gamestarter:

Sale summary

🌿 Brokoli Network:

How to participate?

🌳 VentUp:

How to participate?

🌏 Trustpad:

How to participate?

NNT usage

NNT is our governance and tradeable token, allowing for investing in the project and voting on its future. Generated with a standard Token Generation Event – this will create the necessary resources to realize the development of the project and ensure the ecosystem can grow in a free market. 

Staking NNT will allow holders of the token to increase draw chances for NUNU (NFT) Token drops, raise the value of the token by limiting the supply, and participate in voting in the governance of the NUNU ecosystem. 

For more information about our token structure, distribution, and vesting schedule please check this blog post or check our whitepaper.

In case you have any questions or remarks, join our communities on Twitter, Telegram and Discord!

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