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Nunu Spirits INO continues with phase 2 – Seedling Mint & Merge

As many of you know our extended Nunu Spirits INO event began with phase 1 – Our Mythic Auction at the end of last year, which will continue to run alongside our next phase, the Seedling Mint & Merge starting February 22!

*fun fact the ATH for our Mythic Nunus is 295 AVAX!

What is a Mint & Merge?

We owe everything to our community and this event is our way of celebrating and rewarding you, our Nunu fans and holders. The Mint is a multi round sale starting with a whitelisted FREE mint for Seedlings, with subsequent rounds where seedlings will be sold for NNT. Been holding NNT for a while? This will be a great time to use it. 


At the end of the sale rounds, we will unlock the Merge tool on our portal. This is where you will merge 3 of your Seedlings to get one Nunu Spirit (genesis NFT). If you manage to get your hands on one of our rare Seedlings and have a little luck on your side you might even walk away with one of our Mythic Nunus!

What’s a Seedling? 

Seedlings are cute little nature spirits (ERC1155 tokens) that can merge together to become much more powerful Nunu Spirits. They are not strong enough on their own to play games or earn stuff but they are tradable on OpenSea and NFTrade.

  • Merge 3 Seedlings to get 1 Nunu Spirit (NFT) from our Genesis Collection
  • Seedlings can be common, uncommon, or rare
  • Merging higher rarity Seedlings = higher chance for a higher rarity Nunu Spirit
  • 1 Whitelist Ticket = 1 Free Seedling 
  • Seedlings are ERC1155 tokens minted on Avalanche chain
  • There is no limit to how many Seedlings you can own 
  • Collection verified on NFTrade
  • Seedlings have no direct in-game utility

How do I participate?

You can jump in at any point, though to get in at the earliest stage and maximize your chance of getting a higher rarity NFT in the Merge you will need a WL ticket.

  1. Whitelist – Participate in our communities to get your Whitelist ticket which you can exchange for a Free Seedling on our Portal. 
    1. You can see your WL status on our Portal (ie. how many Seedlings you may collect when the 1st sale opens)
  2. 1st Sale (Free Mint) – exchange your WL ticket to collect your Free Seedling 
  3. Community Upgrade events – now that you have your Seedling, you can hold, trade, or try to Upgrade your Seedlings rarity. To do this, stay tuned to our community channels for upgrade events. 
  4. 2nd Sale – Holding any Seedling will give you first-come-first-served (FCFS) status for this sale round where you can buy another Seedling for NNT from a limited pool. 
  5. More community upgrade events – A second chance to upgrade your Seedlings, oh yea!
  6. 3rd Sale – All remaining Seedlings will be available in this (NNT) sale round. Holding any Seedling will give your FCFS status. Leftover seedlings may be sold to the public.
  7. Merge event – Merge your Seedlings to get your Nunu Spirits (NFT).
    1. Send 3 Seedlings to the Merge Tool on our Portal to get 1 Nunu Spirit NFT from the genesis collection. 
    2. You may merge at any time.
    3. The higher the level of your Seedlings, the better chance of getting a higher rarity Nunu Spirit (NFT)

Where can I get a WL ticket?

If you participated in our token sale you may already have a whitelist ticket. You can check this in the shop on our portal.

– Early Backers from 100-500 USD have 1 WL ticket

– Backers at 500 or more have 3 WL tickets

If you were granted a WL ticket from one of our community activities you will need to register and log in to our portal with the same wallet used in the event.

Still don’t have a whitelist ticket? Make sure you join our community so you are first in line to learn about new events where you can win!

Reminder: Whitelist Ticket Exchange starts in a few days, on February 22!

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