Nunu Spirits is partnering with AirSeed to help reforestation efforts in Australia

With environmental protection at the heart of the Nunu Spirits project, we strongly believe that fruitful partnerships are the key to ensure our reforestation activities are realized while keeping nature in our minds. Our partnership with AirSeed is a huge step forward to fulfilling our goals.

A fast growing startup that utilizes drones with state-of-the-art technology, AirSeed is on a mission to rapidly regenerate large areas of land through diverse plantings. This project is the first of its kind in Australia and we are glad we can become part of their eco-action.

Reforestation with the help of technology

Planting trees belongs to effective, natural born solutions for removing CO2 and combating the negative effects of climate change. With AirSeed’s thorough approach, they take their reforestation activities to the next level.

Firstly, the terrain and soil are analyzed in order to identify species that will be beneficial for the region. Site-specific seed pods are manufactured via a mobile manufacturing plant. Once all of these are set, autonomous drones that plant 2 seed pods per second are launched. The exact GPS location of every seed pod is recorded. AirSeed’s work isn’t over at that point as their post-planting care is implemented, seedlings growth is monitored, and protection measures are taken if necessary.

AirSeed planting in numbers

The unique approach of tech-based tree planting allows AirSeed to plant 1000 seed pods in just 10 minutes or, in other words, 40k pods can be planted by a single drone during just one day. Using autonomous drones and smart tech makes it 80% cheaper and 25 times faster than manual planting. Some impressive efficiency right there!

Nowadays, when the deforestation rate reaches its maximum all over the globe, it is even more important to look for new and smarter ways to help the natural environment. Dangerous or limited-access areas are another reason why autonomous or remote-controlled gadgets are an innovative solution.

Nunu Spirits fighting climate change

We have always known that Nunu Spirits will be in some way combined with eco-action. This idea was building for 3 years and finally, in winter of 2021, we decided to directly connect casual gaming, NFTs, and ecology in a way that has never been done before. 

With the power that gaming and blockchain communities have, eco-related NFTs can possibly have a significant impact and change the course of the environmental crisis.

Did you know that the first trees that will ever be planted by Nunus are those from the Alpha release planned for Q2 this year? Stay tuned and follow our Twitter, Telegram and Discord to be among the first to know all the exciting news!

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