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Nunu Spirits Mini Game Dev Update

Nunu Spirits takes place in a cute fantasy world filled with mini games. Floor is Toxic – one of the primary mini games currently being developed – is inspired by a famous game we all used to play. Here’s a more detailed look at this fun throwback game with a Nunu Spirits twist!

Floor is Toxic

Inspired by the famous childhood game The floor is lava, where you try to avoid touching the floor of the rooms you were in, while not being able to stay in one place for too long, Floor is Toxic puts you in a mystic tree that is getting engulfed by a toxic cloud. You have only one option, escape by climbing up the tree.


What’s actually going on in this game? Jump on the branches, or other tree platforms to reach the water totem on the top. Obstacles don’t make it easy for you; they will slow you down or possibly knock you off. 

All the while, the toxic cloud is exponentially rising, consuming the platforms below. You need to progress fast and be wary of touching it, for if you do, you are doomed! Race to the top, collecting all the water droplets along the way to increase your score and save your tree.

There will be a lot of variations in the minigame to go through. Levels will vary with obstacles, collectibles, and while levels are going to get harder, the rewards will get bigger. With the score you get, the magical chest box will get filled and when you reach a full score bar, you will be able to claim your reward, which can be Cosmetics, a Nunu NFT, a Seedling, or a portion of the in-game currency NUGO. This Loot Box system will be available in the later stages of the game, not in Alpha.

Game preview & dev update

This are the first official gameplay screenshots from the Floor is Toxic Nunu Spirits minigame. Can you see how toxic the cloud looks? We hope the Spirit can get to safety very soon.

The development is going pretty well and currently the focus is on the fun factor. That´s key for our minigames to make it as funny as it can be. It’s also something all of you can help us with, because once  you will have access to the early Alpha, you will become part of our tester community!

Interested to know more?

Stay tuned and follow our blog and official social media accounts on Twitter and Telegram. We are moving forward exactly as planned in our roadmap and thus interesting news are on the way. We are already in the production phase with the two more minigames called “Parkour Racing” and “Nunu´s Adventure”, so in following weeks, we will provide new screenshots and possibly the first gameplay video to the community. As well as the first screenshots will be available in the following weeks.

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