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Nunu Spirits Soft Launch

The Nunu Spirits game development team is happy to announce that our soft launch happened today! We´ve been working hard and still are, but be aware that “soft launch” doesn´t mean global launch and the game itself is still in the process of delivering you the best possible F2P experience.

Nunu Spirits soft launch is divided into three stages

  1. This soft launch will be mainly a technical one. This version of the game is released to a small number of users, to test out if our servers and game application are running properly. We will sort out all the bugs that could potentially show up. 

We will test our soft launch version in these regions: Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia. 

Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.TaterGames.NunuSpirits

App store: https://apps.apple.com/sk/app/nunu-spirits/id1461482705?l=sk

  1. Next, we will begin testing retention mechanics and features on a broader spectrum of players and in more regions. 
  1. The third and the final stage of the soft launch will mainly focus on the monetisation features and behavior of the players. This is where we will set up the main game economy and balance it, so you as players will have the best experience. 

All this is done to bring you the best possible Nunu Spirits game!

What features and updates will be in the soft launch today?

Floor is Toxic: Fast-paced platformer where you need to escape a rising toxic cloud. Jump on the leafy platforms, discover secret treasures, get close to the totem, and activate it to clean the tree from the toxicity. We added new levels, updated character controllers, and added new collectibles and a super firefly shield, which protects you from the obstacles. 

Nunu Adventure: Side-scrolling endless runner in which quick reflexes are needed in order to avoid a variety of ever changing environmental obstacles. While running endlessly, you can explore various biomes, but as speed increases, it’s harder and harder to succeed.

We added a new biome, new levels, and adjustments to the gameplay!

Nunu Sanctuary – The players’ “homebase”. The place in the game where you can chill or explore the vast forest of Nunu characters, skins, inventory, and mini games. We completely redesigned the sanctuary and functionality there will be added in future updates. 


Would you like to read more exciting news? We have some! The above mentioned features are those available on November 28, but our great dev team is working hard so more and more updates can be made soon. In the weeks that will follow after the soft launch, we will continuously add:


Collect and upgrade a variety of Brawlers with powerful Super Abilities, Star Powers, and Gadgets! Level them up and collect unique skins.


Complete quests, open chests, earn Gems, and acquire exclusive Nunu skins! Fresh content every season.

Run Nunu Run! 

A new mini-game called Vine Runner will be added! Be as fast as you can and collect everything around the vine – also upside down! Avoid the obstacles and run directly to the portal with your Nunu. 


Look out for new Nunus, skins, items, features, special events, and games in the future.

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