Nunu Spirits Tokenomics Structure

The Nunu Spirits tokenomics follows closely to other industry standards but automatically reserves a portion of revenues and adds it to the treasury to fund reforestation activities. Check the whitepaper for detailed information about the game features and how it reflects in the real world. 

The ability to earn real money by engaging with NFT game ecosystems, creates significant value for users. We take this successful model a step further; we tokenize actions, like tree planting, so our players can own their ecological efforts in a very tangible way.


As you know the project has been a major success, and its market acceptance thus far has even exceeded our original expectations and we could not have done this without you.

Thanks so much for your continuing support of Nunu Spirits! 

This grants us continuous energy and determination to deliver our best on project milestones, supporter expectations, and community development. It has also brought us to a situation where we have constant partnerships being offered to us. Some of them are very valuable to the project and allow further and improved marketing and community traction.

Because of this, we have decided to accommodate some of these partnerships by slightly adjusting the project’s cap table and tokenomics. We believe the changes are very constructive and do not influence the project structure in a negative manner. 

What was changed?

💳 Added a structure for public sale, to indicate what portion of tokens are to be offered through launchpads.

⚖️ Reallocated a portion of tokens from Team and Reserve to the public sale and private sale. This slightly increases the liquidity available at listing.

🕹 Adjusted the vesting terms of the reserve to be released on linear basis to help sustain good marketing after launch.

Please see the amended chart and table for visual reference. 

Nunu Spirits Tokenomics Pie Chart

Vesting Schedule

Vesting for investors in a seed round, private round, and IDO: 20% of tokens released at TGE. Remainder will be released after 3 month cliff at the rate of 4.44% every month in 18 transfers altogether.

We honestly believe all the adjustments are for the benefit of the project, its supporters and community. But, we are very happy to discuss any questions you might have related to this matter. Let us know what you think of these changes by joining our communities on Twitter, Telegram channel or Discord.

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