Welcome to the first expedition into the Nuniverse

As you may already know, the Nunu Spirits live in a super cute fantasy world, called the Nuniverse, which is a reflection of our own world. Today, we would like to introduce some of the basic features found at the heart of that world, the Nunu Sanctuary. We will do this by introducing you to a few of the Nunu locals and explain how they will help you get the most out of your time with Nunu Spirits. 

Nunu Sanctuary

This is your home base. Each player’s sanctuary will grow with them on their journey. It is where you view and upgrade your Nunus (NFTs) and choose which minigame you will play next. You will also be able to select special events, missions, and change or trade Nunus with other players. The features of your Nunu Sanctuary will update and expand over time as well and this expansion is tied to how many trees we can plant as a community.  

Following Beta, it will be possible to customize your sanctuary with collected loot or by purchasing cosmetics in the Nunu Marketplace. Decorating the sanctuary, gives you a unique homebase for your Nunus to encourage your friends to visit and lend a helping hand (leave you presents).

In the Nunu Sanctuary, lives a unique set of characters which will provide you with guidance and access to many features. Each character will have specific functions in the sanctuary and they will introduce themselves once you interact with them. 

Later in the game development, the Sanctuary will be the place where your Elders take root and new Seedlings sprout. We will see the early versions of these features in the Beta version of the game (Q3).

List of features in Sanctuary available during the Alpha release

  • Researcher – will help you select the minigames from within the Portal
  • Adventurer – will walk you through the details of how the rewards will work and where you can find them (later in Beta).
  • Wizard  – will explain how the quests and rewards will work in Beta
  • Shaman – will walk you through tree planting and check on your progress
  • Merchant – will explain how the marketplace will work later in the game

Character Backstories

The Researcher

The main guy for all the “tech” stuff in the sanctuary. He always had ideas beyond the imagination of others but ever since he found a way to cross into our world he has been tinkering with ways to restore the forests. With the help of his friend, the Wizard, they came up with a way to access different dimensions (games) where treasures await.

The Adventurer

There are a lot of ways to find treasures in the Nuniverse. Perhaps look to the highest branches of the  tallest trees, or deep among the roots of an ancient oak, or just resting under a humble fallen leaf. The Adventurer knows all of the best hiding spots and will help you claim what’s yours! Have you played some minigames? He will gladly exchange your experience for some of those rewards! 


As you can see, there is a lot of magic happening in the Nuniverse. Nunus are magical creatures but they can be a bit clumsy with their magic. The good old wizard is here to teach new Seedlings the basics and guide Spirits on their path to becoming great Elders. In the sanctuary, the Wizard will help your Nunus become the best they can be.


This magical Nunu creature is your conduit to the wisdom of the Elders and mother nature. She’s always speaking to the Elders about everything that happens in the sanctuary. She will help you by placing totems in the world and help your Spirits become Elders.  


Does your Nunu need a new cape? Or are you looking to expand your sanctuary? The Merchant is here to help you with that! As he is fond of saying “time is NUGO, my friend”. So, whether you are looking to boost your favorite Nunu, or you are looking to collect another, the Merchant will offer you many fine options to help you grow!

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