With the current price of NNT as well as issues with Multichain bridge has led to a significant change in NNT status. Benchmarks have fallen below MEXC listing criteria and trading there will no longer be possible. NNT will continue to trade on PCS and we are currently seeking options to fix the bridge issue and then relist or relaunch the token when conditions have improved.

We will continue to operate the NNT marketplace on portal.nunuspirits.io/shop

There NNT will continue to be accepted for purchasing NFTs, Seedlings, and other in-game items all at a discount over the in-game prices. NNT used in the shop will continue to be burned keeping NNT deflationary during this period. 

Should we meet our KPIs for relaunch all NNT holders at the time of relaunch will receive an equal value tokens as well as a bonus percentage of tokens held for their support of Nunu Spirits.

We remain committed to making Nunu Spirits the best coop casual game with web 3 enhancements around. We know that without a successful web2 game there is no chance for long term success and our ultimate goal of a self sustaining economy. Should the game reach at least 20,000 MAU (Monthly Active Users) and achieve a steady MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) we already have a CEX partner ready and waiting and we would then be able to re-list our token.


  • NNT is being delisted from MEXC (users should withdraw their NNT within the next 30 days)
  • NNT will continue to trade on PCS
  • NNT may still be used to purchase items from our shop at a discount
  • Sales of NNT in our shop will be continue to be burned
  • NNT will relist according to KPI milestone (>20k Monthly active users in the F2P game)
  • Should we relaunch NNT holders will be airdropped replacement tokens + a % bonus

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