Seedling Upgrade Event Round 1

Want the first chance to increase your Seedling’s Rarity? Here’s your shot! We’ve got the info for how to do it right here. But be quick, you only have until Monday, March 20th 2023 at 16:00 UTC to participate!

All you have to do is send your Seedlings to our Nunu Shaman & he’ll take care of the rest. Multiple entries are allowed, so send as many Seedlings as you want! 


(Security warning: Double check this is the address. We cannot recover Seedlings sent to other addresses)

Your Common or Uncommon Seedlings will have the chance to jump up one rarity! For example, Common Seedlings could become Uncommon & Uncommon Seedlings could become Rare! This gives you a higher chance to receive a higher rarity Nunu Spirit NFT when you merge your Seedlings a little later this year!

On Monday, March 20th at 16:00 UTC we will randomly select 40% of the Seedlings in the Shaman’s wallet for the upgrade. Seedlings sent to the Shaman AFTER this time will not be part of this round, and will have to wait until the next upgrade event before they have a chance to upgrade and be returned. 

Following the Shaman’s upgrade selection process (within 24hrs), we will announce the winning wallets and your Seedlings (whether you upgraded or not) will be airdropped back to the sending wallet. By logging into your profile on our Portal you can find out your Seedling’s rarity. With a little luck, they’ll be one rarity level higher!

Seedlings can also be purchased in the shop on our portal. Now is a perfect time to support these uber green NFTs. You get the chance to upgrade your Seedlings and official prices for Seedlings will increase for the 2nd round sale.

Current Price List:

Common Seedling 1500 NNT
Uncommon Seedling 5500 NNT
*Rare Seedling 13500 NNT

(*Please note: Rare is the max upgrade level for Seedlings)

Stay tuned for more information about round 2 of the Seedling sale, the next upgrade event, and more!

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