Nunu Spirits Development Update

Nunu Spirits is a hybrid F2P/Web3 game based around our cute digital collectibles called Nunu Spirits. Our game enables direct eco action because every collectible is linked to a real tree planted by one of our global partners.

Your Nunu Spirits also serve as Avatars in a wild variety of mini-games like Floor is Toxic and Vine Runner and you can enjoy enhanced features when you connect to our web3 portal where you can manage your digital collection and earn rewards for helping us grow the Nuniverse. Let’s dive deep into the latest developments from the team.

Version 1.5.0 is now live

This update includes the ability to switch the base Nunu Spirit game avatar with any of your NFTs/skins in the main menu. This is just the first step, we will also add an in-game inventory to make managing your collection even easier. 

Gameplay bugs and quality of life improvements

There were a couple of issues with protective pickup items in some of the later levels of Floor is Toxic; these should behave as intended now. The users wallet information is now displayed so we can host even more community tournaments and can prevent bad actors from ruining the fun. 

The Next MiniGame (Seedling Round-up)

Our 4th minigame is well underway. In addition to being one of our new “sandboxy-type” games from our custom in-house minigame creator, this minigame is already equipped to handle multiplayer! As many of you know the most requested feature for Nunu Spirits from our early testers has been for multiplayer mode. While adding multiplayer is a significant undertaking we know this will set us on the right path to glory.

Early image from the dev team for Seedling Roundup – Working on the physics and controller.

Portal Updates

$NNT holders can now use their bag to get seedlings and even Genesis NFTs from a limited pool! What’s even better, all NNT collected from sales during the bear market will be burned! Prices in the shop are pegged to USDT so you can buy with confidence.

Interested to know more?

Stay tuned and follow our blog and official social media accounts on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. We have weekly Game Challenges with loads of amazing prizes. Holders of NFTs are also eligible for Grand Prizes so make sure to Merge your Seedlings and check for sales on OpenSea or NFTrade!

Play for Free now!

🍏 iOS: https://apps.apple.com/sk/app/nunu-spirits/id1461482705

🤖 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.TaterGames.NunuSpirits&pli=1

Get your Nunu Spirits NFTs at https://portal.nunuspirits.io/shop

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