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INO Strategy (during bear market)

Hello Nuniverse

A Little Bit of Good News
With all the fear, uncertainty and doubt flying around out there we wanted to share a bit about our uninterrupted development as well as share some insights into our strategies for dealing with a difficult market.

Development Still on Schedule

We often hear, “it’s a great time to be building.” We couldn’t agree more. Here at Nunu Spirits, the development of our game and ecosystem are safely insulated and we remain operating at full capacity. 

We are on target for Beta release in this quarter (Q3) and for a public release by the end of the 2022. While we do not anticipate any changes to this, you will be the first to know if something does impact our timeline. If you are the proud owner of one of our Alpha NFTs, be sure to test out the game and share your thoughts. A new update of the alpha should be live very soon.

When NFT?

This is a question that comes up often. While we consider the best possible time to release our Genesis collection we must carefully evaluate market sentiments as well as our own community’s stake in the project and thus find the balance that works best for all. 

Based on our talks with a number of popular launchpads, guilds, and marketplaces, we have decided to extend our INO timeframe and launch across multiple events and platforms, both to maximize project exposure and to account for current sale trends.

INO Events

We will kick off these various events with an Early-Bird Nunu Community INO hosted on our portal where we will deliver on our promises to you, our early backers and our community. To participate in this Early-Bird sale, you will need to be a member of our community (ie. have a Whitelist ticket, Nunu Coupon, or be holding NNT). 

Following our community sale we will launch the majority of our genesis NFTs with some of our amazing partners. The final event will be a Last-Chance Nunu Community sale where our community will get one last chance to grab any remaining genesis NFTs before they are no longer available. If the market remains stable, we should be able to begin these launch events in mid to late August.

How can I Earn?

In its current state, the game is testing all off chain systems. We will be adding on-chain features in Q3 throughout the Beta. That doesn’t mean we are just sitting around waiting. There are community events where you can earn great rewards and NNT LP staking is being hosted on Tokens Farm

So, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved even now. Owning NFTs will be essential for maximizing your ability to earn rewards in Nunu Spirits, so make sure you follow our social channels for the latest on winning NFTs and participating in our INO events.

Why even guilds are bullish on Nunu Spirits

Nunu Spirits offers unique answers to some major pain points that are holding GameFi back. First, we are doing something to directly combat the carbon production of running a blockchain game – our NFTs plant trees! And Second, our connection to real world value allows us to support earning without relying solely on scaling users – Our trees provide additional revenue potential as well as stability and sustainability for our ecosystem.

Let us know why you are keen to go green!

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