Mythic Nunu Auction on OpenSea is Here!

Grab your Mythic Nunus! These extremely limited Nunus are the cream of the crop when it comes to Nunu Spirits NFTs and there are only 50 in total! 

Your first chance to grab one has arrived! We’re auctioning off 16 Mythic Nunus, one at a time, and it starts today! This is a “Dutch Auction” meaning the price starts at a certain point and descends down until someone purchases it or time runs out.

Ready to bid? Here’s all that you need to know:

Where & when can I get them?

Mythic Nunus are up for Auction on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace. Starting Today, Nov. 28, at 17:00 UTC the auction will go live, so ready your WAVAX (Wrapped AVAX) and don’t miss your shot at snatching the most rare & most valuable Nunus in the entire Nuniverse!

How to participate?

  1. Head to Opensea.io
  2. Click the “Wallet” Icon from the upper right menu 
  1. Connect the wallet which has your AVAX tokens
  1. Wrap your AVAX tokens so you have WAVAX
  2. Jump over to our First Auction
  3. Watch the list price & dive in when the price is right for you!

How long does each Auction last?

Once the Mythic Nunu is sold, we will announce the next one! The duration for this first auction is only 3 days. So don’t delay, grab those extremely rare Mythic Nunus right away!

Where can I see the Nunus?

On OpenSea, we have an official page with our whole Nunu NFT Collection! You can see the Mythic NFTs on offer there and will be able to place a bid once they go up for auction.

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