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Hello Nuniverse! As many of you know, the kickoff of our highly anticipated “extended” INO (Initial NFT Offering) is fast approaching. So today, we’ve got quite a lot to cover. The extended event will have a number of stages and will last into the new year. It all kicks off with an Exclusive Mythic Auction, followed by a (free) Seedling Mint, with an innovative merge mechanic that you won’t want to miss! 

If you’re lucky, you might even end up with a Full Nunu NFT completely for free! The event will wrap up with small batches of Nunu NFTs launched by our partners. So, let’s dive in!

Mythic Nunu Auction

Mythic Nunus are the rarest, most powerful, and most desirable in the entire Nuniverse. From the 50 Mythics minted in total, only 16 will be auctioned. The only way to guarantee getting a Mythic Nunu is by winning the bid for one at auction and we want our loyal community to get the first chance to grab them while they last! If you want to help pick which Nunus go to auction, make sure you join our community voting campaign (coming soon).

The first Mythic Nunu will go up for auction on November 28th, the next will go up after the previous auction closes. Info about where and exactly how to participate will be announced soon. We are running a Dutch style auction plus a special price protection feature. At the closing of the auction, Nunu Spirits will place a bid to buyback the NFT on the marketplace for the price of the closing bid! This offer will be in place for 30 days, so you can bid and trade with confidence. Pretty cool, right!?

Next up: a FREE Mint!

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Next up, we’ll hold our Genesis Seedling Mint event, exclusively for our WL (White List) ticket holders! One WL ticket equals one Free Common Seedling. After the Free Mint, there will be an exciting Seedling Upgrade Ritual with the chance to upgrade your Seedlings & opportunities to buy more Seedlings in the Second & Third batches. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. The first phase will be a Free mint – Exclusively for WL ticket holders.
  2. Seedling Upgrade Ritual – Seedlings can try their luck at becoming a higher rarity. 
  3. Next we release a second batch of Seedlings. Seedling holders from phase one will have the first chance at buying additional Seedlings (for NNT). Any remaining Seedlings from phase two will be sold, FCFS. 
  4. Another Upgrade Ritual! One more chance to boost your Seedling’s rarity.
  5. The final batch of seedlings will be released in a FCFS event where the remaining batch of Seedlings will be available for purchase with NNT.
  6. Then holders will be able to merge 3 Seedlings to make 1 Nunu NFT

Genesis Seedlings will be released as ERC1155 tokens and will be fully tradable on marketplaces like NFTrade. If you are lucky enough to boost your Seedling it will increase your chance of getting a rarer Nunu NFT when they merge (see below).

The best way to guarantee you get your seedling is to make sure you have a Whitelist ticket. If you aren’t whitelisted yet, you should go check out our discord and be ready to participate in our community events; there are only a handful of WL tickets left. 

If you miss out on the free mint, worry not! You can buy Seedlings in batch 2 & 3 (as outlined above) or make bids to pick up Seedlings on the open market. 

More About Merging

These Seedlings are neat by themselves, but they become truly magical when you put three of them together and they become a Nunu Spirit. The Seedlings themselves will go through a Merging Ritual led by our mystical Shaman Nunu. You will need 3 Seedlings to have enough spirit energy to grow your Nunu Spirit NFT.

Not all seedlings are the same! If you were lucky in the Upgrade Ritual your Seedling will be a higher rarity. Each Upgrade Ritual can increase your Seedling by one rarity! Common Seedings can become Uncommon and Uncommon can become Rare. The more rare your Seedlings are when you merge them the better your shot at a higher rarity NFT.

Eg. Merging 3 Common Seedlings will guarantee you get at least a Common Nunu and a chance you will receive a higher rarity. But, if you merge 3 Rare Seedlings you will be guaranteed to have at least a Rare Nunu Spirit with a chance of Epic or Mythic rarity.

Even though the chance will be very low, it is still possible for Common Seedlings to merge and become a mighty Mythic Nunu.

NFTs on Launchpad 

Once the Seedling mint and Merging event are complete, we will launch the remaining NFTs with our partner NFT Marketplaces. More specifics will be disclosed as we are in constant contact with our Launchpad partners to determine the best time to launch.

Can’t wait to explore all the hidden secrets of the Nuniverse? Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter and chat with our team on Discord & Telegram to stay up-to-date with all the news!

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