We’re happy to announce to everyone in our community, we’ve partnered with Green Steps. By partnering with Green Steps this gives our players the capability of saving the environment by making it a safe and habitable place to live!

Who is Green Steps?

It’s our job to save our planet and Green Steps is here to make sure of that. Green Steps reforest regions, they reduce plastic waste, increase biodiversity and uplift community livelihoods. Moreover, their proprietary technology allows you to visit your forest and trees in the real world.

They aim to build nature-based climate business solutions. This will continue to support the aid and growth of future green communities. 

How does this work with Nunu?

When the Nunu Spirits characters get to their Elder phase, they will become trees in the real world! The data about the tree type and geo location will be recorded to the player’s NFT. The life cycle of the character consists of Seedling, then you play as the Nunu Spirit, and then you get to the Elder phase. To complete this phase requires dedication and also NUGO spending to get there.

Another reason this partnership is great!

Green Steps offers CO2 footprint reduction, which correlates great with us, as blockchain can be a bit demanding on resources but with this approach we can neutralize our footprint. 

Our CEO Gabriel had this to say

“Saving the environment at the same time as gaming is a very genuine and unique experience. We’re happy to partner with Green Steps to help save the environment, make the world a safer place to live and create a sustainable business”

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