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Welcome our new eco partners

Only together can we create real change. We would like to introduce a few new partners who have joined forces with us in order to amplify our ecological actions via cross promotion of eco-based NFT gaming.

NFT games are becoming more popular each day and those that have a positive impact outside of the game world have the potential to significantly improve our lives. As you may already know, Nunu Spirits has had ecological action at its roots since the very beginning. Just recently, we have met with several projects that share the same values and we simply had to cooperate!

Let’s meet our newest eco partners

Saving forests is one of our ultimate goals. We focus on doing it right and supporting biodiversity. And guess which small but very important animals have their home in the forest? Bees! As pollinators, bees play a crucial role in every aspect of our ecosystem. However, an estimated 40% of honey bee colonies are dying every year.

Hive Five is here to help! The players, or Beehodlers, collect different bees, train them, and team them up with other bees in order to create a virtual hive in the Metaverse. For every hive built on the blockchain, a real world hive will “bee” financed and installed in France. Isn’t that awesome?

Do you know what we call the “Lungs of the Earth”? Tropical rainforests! Even though they provide our planet with one of the basic elements for our survival, oxygen, we have been destroying them at an alarming rate. Wanna fight back? Try collecting unique NFTs mimicking the Amazon rainforest’s biodiversity, The Aeternals will donate 55% of the minting profits directly to Rainforest Partnerships for their continued stewardship of the land.

As we all know, blockchain technology could cause further harm to our environment through the creation and consumption of energy and hardware. But as we are smart beings, there are ways to use modern tech and go eco at the same time. We are talking about offsetting your carbon footprint!

Even though there are multiple ways to offset your carbon footprint, carbon trading markets are plagued by lack of transparency, double spending, and high barriers to entry. Therefore, we are glad to be able to partner with Carb0n.fi! The company is on a mission to incentivise real-world companies to invest into sustainability and become carbon neutral while rewarding users for their deposits with Carbon Offset NFTs. 

Also don’t forget, Nunu Spirits is being built on Avalanche which is fast, yet still a low-cost and eco-friendly network.

The importance of cross chain promotion

It is thanks to such creative projects and ideas that we strongly believe we can create a positive impact on the world we live in today. With alignment of vision it’s only natural for projects like ours to come together. Let’s take a moment to think about utility. As many projects in the history of blockchain have learned, lack of token utility is one of the main reasons for failure.

NFTs are no exception. One of the strongest expressions of utility for NFT assets is their ability to function outside their native ecosystem, to cross-chains if you will. As soon as you own something that can allow you to play and earn on multiple platforms, its value, as well as your interest, increases.

And thus, the more eco ideas we put together, the bigger impact we can achieve. Make sure to follow us on all platforms to keep in touch and become part of the Greenest NFT community!

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