What’s coming in Q4

It’s a great time to be building
This is a saying we hear often these days and we couldn’t agree more. Here at Nunu Spirits, the development of our game has been kept safe from market turbulence and we remain operating at full capacity.

Soft Launch Moved up to November 28
Thanks to this, we are thrilled to announce that the Nunu Spirits Free to Play (F2P) will be released this quarter instead of next year as originally planned! This means you will now be able to play on iOS and Android. Also, a strong mobile presence will allow our team to acquire new users from the mass market ahead of schedule. By combining the best of F2P with Play to Earn (P2E) we get a new Hybrid Model. We believe that such a model is essential for success in this rapidly evolving industry.

This release will be what is commonly referred to as a soft launch, which is industry standard for F2P app debuts. This is where we test new user acquisition costs, retention data, and other metrics on smaller markets before scaling up our marketing. The game will still be in a “beta” state and will be continuously updated to improve the gaming experience.

What about P2E?
As a holder of our Tokens and NFTs, you will be the first to participate in our early reward programs. Further earning features will be added as the project grows, however we now see the release of Nunu Spirits as a F2P experience as essential for the project’s success. With F2P up and running we can quickly engage with a MUCH wider audience to grow our active users. With a strong player base we can then add a long term, sustainable P2E system that will elevate traditional gaming by rewarding users. Together, we can advance our mission to reforest the world just by playing a game. 

When INO?
At the same time we soft launch, we will also release the first NFTs via our INO shop. Starting November 28, NUNU NFTs from the genesis collection will be released in batches. The first batch goes to our early backers, contest winners, and those who have acquired White List tickets. We are working closely with a number of fantastic Launchers and further public sale dates are currently TBA.

About the NFTs
All of our NFTs begin their life as Seedlings. At soft launch, your Seedling will provide season pass access to premium content, like better and more frequent loot, without having to buy anything in the app. Non-holders will be able to purchase premium passes as an “in-app-purchase” (IAP). Revenues from IAPs are an important part of the Hybrid Model and will support sustainable earnings for years to come. 

Grassroots Marketing

Right now, the most effective marketing strategies all focus on word of mouth and strong community engagement. Expect increased game related news and community activities and events that center around the F2P game. Our Discord holds significant advantages with all things game related, so we strongly recommend joining us there to take advantage of every community opportunity. We need our strongest community members more than ever, so if you love Nunu Spirits, it’s time to shout it from the rooftops!

Guilds are bullish for Nunu Spirits

We have been contacted by several Guilds recently. Each has been eager to see Nunu Spirits added to their communities. We believe this is because we offer some unique answers to major pain points that could be holding GameFi back. Again, our Hybrid Model has strong potential to bring sustainability and stability to P2E players. On top of this our game is designed to be better than just carbon neutral – our NFTs plant trees – and the more we plant the more carbon we offset! In addition to revenues from IAPs in the Hybrid Model, our trees provide additional revenue potential as well as stability and sustainability for our ecosystem.

Let us know why you are so keen to go green.

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