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How can gamification help save our planet?

Gamification has been used in various areas of our lives for ages. From bringing fun into the schooling process to revolutionizing mobile app design, we are influenced by it more than we may think.

The main reason for its wide usage is that we, human beings, tend to prefer things that, besides their primary purpose, bring us joy and entertainment. And even though ecology and sustainability are popular topics nowadays, there are still more people talking about action than actually taking it. But what if we provide a little extra incentive? What if we create games that have real-world impact?

“Gamification is a process of using game thinking and game dynamics to engage audiences and solve problems.”

Gabe Zichermann

Gaming vs. Real World 

When Nunu Spirits CEO, Gabriel Brockman, first thought about a game where tree spirits are the main characters, he strongly felt there should be some kind of connection between their world and our world. It wasn’t until the boom around NFT technology that he finally found a way to directly connect the two worlds.

NFTs brought together something that was missing before. The FOMO effect, the artistic value, the gaming experience, and, last but not least, the earning capacity of blockchain. Suddenly, it was much easier to incentivize people to engage with ecology, as they could do it by simply collecting Tree-NFTs while playing a game.

The direct connection between playing a game and influencing our world is a completely new approach that Nunu Spirits and other similar projects are creating. We are the first NFT game that has a direct impact on reforestation activities.

Nunu Spirits Alpha Release & Eco-action

Did you know we are taking our environmental plans and making them a reality even during our Alpha release? Recently we have mentioned our partnership with EcoWatt, a token backed by renewable energy. Now we are excited to announce that as a result of our cooperation the first 2000 trees will be planted!

Moreover, would you like to see how cute our little Eco-Nunu is? If you participated in our community contests and won an Alpha NFT, then you can see him in action in our Nunu Spirits Alpha game right now! Please remember to check this Alpha NFT guide if you have any trouble seeing your Nunu.

For those who didn’t win this time, stay tuned and follow us on social media below as new contests are coming soon!

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