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Nunu Spirits and MetaRace announce partnership

Tethering our world to the games we play and allowing the games we play to have a greater impact on our world is one of the most promising features to have emerged from the recent gameFi boom. And connecting with projects, like us, that have found ways to link their digital assets to something tangible has become a pivotal part of our go-to-market strategy. Let us introduce one of these partners now. Nuniverse, meet MetaRace!

MetaRace Horse Racing combines the real world sporting and betting experience with decades of racing skills and cutting edge technology to bring the passion of traditional horse racing to the power of blockchain.

Tangibility & real world connection

As explained in this Binance blog article, the Metaverse allows users to work, meet, play games, and socialize together in a 3D “virtual” space. Even though the Metaverse is only in its early stages, blockchain metaverse-like applications already exist and in addition to its entertainment value some games are already rewarding players with real world income.

Our team has just recently met with the MetaRace founders and we immediately knew our cooperation can enrich both sides. Our projects share some of the same vision – specifically, creating a game that highlights the importance of positive connections between the game and the real world. We believe that this connection improves economic models and bolsters network stability. 

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, cross-chain utility is one of the most important features NFTs have brought to the crypto gaming industry. Besides increasing the token utility, the system agnostic nature of NFTs opens doors to countless options. Who knows exactly where the Metaverse will take us but delivering on cross-chain promises will be essential for growth in the industry.

Why did we partner with MetaRace?

We naturally gravitate to projects that share our “link-to-something-real” philosophy and we can see some great potential in a collaborative minigame with Meta Horses and Nunus, TBA. We were also impressed with MetaRace’s technical approach. Thanks to their implementation of genetic algorithms, MetaRace are able to incorporate unpredictability and challenges into their game. Compared to what competitor games tend to offer with predictable results and repetitive gameplay, MetaRace’s novel approach is surely a winning ticket.

As our CEO, Gabriel Brockman said, “MetaRace has a unique idea that connects the spirit and excitement found in live events and presents it in virtual reality. By linking real horses to their NFTs, this is another example of how gameFi is evolving.”

Moreover, MetaRace Horse Racing is the first application developed on Caduceus, a layer 1 blockchain dedicated to the Metaverse. We love what Caduceus is up to and hope to have further info on that partnership soon. So please stay tuned!

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