Nunu Spirits Community Alpha is LIVE

Welcome to all our community winners. It’s time to show you what we have been working on so we can get your input for polish and to further refine the direction of the project. 

Alpha Basics

Our alpha is all about testing out our games, characters, and the general feel of things. There will be no Play2Earn at this stage, but don’t despair, these features will come before you know it. As many of you know, we are first and foremost a Game Development studio. We know from experience that if you perfect the core game first, the rest can follow. 

Testing is an iterative process. We might not get everything right the first try but with your feedback and by telling us about your experience we can adjust and tune the games so they will be the best they can be before we release them to the public. Because of this, scores and abilities may be frequently reset, added or changed.

So grab your Alpha NFT and get in the game! The best place to discuss is #Gameplay on Discord – our devs are here all the time and looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Link to the portal: https://portal.nunuspirits.io/

How Many Minigames?

There will be 2 minigames at the start of the Alpha release and more will be added over the following months. The first will be Nunu Adventure, which you may already know from the demo on our website, we will see some enhanced mechanics and environments as alpha progresses. The second game is called Floor is Toxic, which is all new and will be exclusive to Alpha Nunu owners until Beta. Anyone can still download and play Nunu Adventure but they won’t get the updates that our alpha testers will have access to. 

What platforms are available?

For the moment only PC, MacOS and Android are available. iOS has a number of additional obstacles to sharing content with you, but we are working on solutions and will let you know as soon as we have found a way.

Nunu Sanctuary (expanding features)

We will reveal the main hub for your Nunus with a unique set of characters. Each character will help you access various features of the game. At the beginning, you will be able to use the portal to access the minigames, but as new modes and features are added you will access them here. The Nunu Sanctuary will soon support: viewing/buying/selling Nunus, growing your Seedlings, planting your Trees/Elders, getting new cosmetics for your sanctuary, and even the chance to upgrade your sanctuary for even greater perks.

So hopefully you are as excited as we are to kick off the Alpha! Stay active on our community channels, there will be a few more chances to win Alpha NFTs if you haven’t already.

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