Nunu Spirits Talks TGE & Micro Game Release!

The Nunu Spirits TGE is behind us and our token $NNT is currently available for trading on two of the most popular Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) – PancakeSwap and Trader Joe. 

We at Nunu Spirits view transparency as a necessary and core feature of any strong, sustainable project. Therefore, speaking honestly, our TGE did not go as smoothly as we would have hoped. There was a technical mistake that led to liquidity issues when trading began. Despite this minor setback, our game development progress remains on (or slightly ahead of) schedule. Last Friday we released our first game-play demo, Nunu Adventure, to showcase the incredible progress after just TWO months of production. 

Nunu Spirits TGE summary

Before we go into details about our microgame demo, let’s talk about the TGE. There was a miscommunication between our claiming partners and when our external claimers went live the tx to add liquidity was still pending. As many crypto investors know, trading a token without much liquidity dramatically affects the price. This was happening for the first few minutes until we regained control, switched pairs, and added the liquidity to stabilize $NNT.

This was a simple mistake in communication from our end and we take responsibility for that blunder. We do not take this situation lightly and we’re taking the proper steps to ensure this will never happen again. The good news is, $NNT has stabilized and the issues we had at the beginning are no longer a problem. We are now trading on DEXs, PancakeSwap and Trader Joe, and will begin trading on our first CEX (MEXC) on the 8th of April.

How do we make it up to our pre-sale backers?

We are dedicated to making sure all of you know that we value this community. From honest communication, to ongoing ecosystem incentives and community quests, we look for many ways to thank you for your support. The most important thing we can do is to deliver the game we promised. But, there are times that call for a little extra, so for those that have joined us early and stuck by us through this brief time of trouble, we will be rolling out an early supporter reward. The exact details of the program will be announced this week, but the basics are this:

If you are a private sale supporter in good standing OR if you participated in one of our IDOs at $500 or more, then you are eligible to receive a free season 0 NUNU (NFT) before INO.

These NFTs will start in seedling form and a special NFT staking pool will open where you can stake your NFT to grow them into a Nunu Spirit. Further details and when and how to get yours will be published shortly.

Looking to the near future

Nunu Spirits continues to march forward gathering new partners and supporters to realize our green vision for GameFi. Our experience in making games has helped us reach all of our milestones listed in our roadmap and we are gaining momentum. 

Not even on our roadmap, our first playable demo, Nunu Adventure is already out (free for everyone). It’s a fun, super simple side-scrolling endless runner game which we just released on Friday, April 1st (no joke). It’s merely a demonstration of some of the tools and building blocks you will see in future games. It shows off our artist vision for the Nuniverse, plus you get to try out our cute little Nunu for the first time! This “demo” is not representative of the final product so you can expect the Alpha version of Nunu Spirits to be more refined and, of course, have more robust mini-games included! But that’s not all.

We wanted a fun way for our community to earn some rewards so, this week, we launched a friendly competition and giveaway for Nunu Adventure players! Download the game and join the contest before April 20th for a chance to win an Alpha NFT, your key to access and test the Nunu Spirits Alpha Release, which will launch near the end of April!

Hope to see you enjoying the Alpha very soon!

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